Fire safety requires commitment from top management and this commitment should be visible. 

teacher/staff member who receives training from recognized organisation should me made responsible for the fire prevention  management system. he/she will be responsible for monitoring the system and for periodical reporting to the top management

a fire safety and evacuation plan must be drawn up in consultation with expert and rehearsed on regular basis.


At-least two separate staircases directly leading to open space of safety must be available for each floor preferably at two ends.

Minimum number of exits based on occupant,load, shall be 2 for up-to 500 occupants, 3 for between 500-1000 and 4 for more than 1000.

lifts are not to be considered as an acceptable means of escape

No electrical shafts,AC ducts or Gas pipes should pass through staircases

Emergency and escape lighting system should be capable of continuous operation for a minimum duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes and should be suitably located

Emergency escape opening should be maintained regularly

keep all the doorways clear

Clearly mark the evacuation route on the school floor plan and place it adjacent to the class room door

Assembly areas should be earmarked so as to keep each class separate for easy accountability of all students.


Portable fire extinguishers should be provided in all educational buildings and annex blocks as per IS 2190

buildings having more than 2 storeys  in height should be provided with first aid firefighting hose-reels

Ample water should be stored in underground static water tanks provided with one electric and one diesel driven motor pump

Automatic fire alarm and detection system if installed, should conform to IS: 2189.


  • Do’s and Don’ts of fire protection/prevention and escape routes should be exhibited prominently inside the building at all preidentified places.
  • In case of Fire:    Operate the nearest Fire alarm or Call the Fire brigade immediately
  • On Hearing the Fire Signal:  when in class , the order to evacuate will be given by teacher/professor/reader… ,who will indicate the route to be followed.

When not in class, form single file and move by the most direct route to the place of assembly. on staircases, everyone must descend in single file. overtaking of classes or individuals must not be permited.

At all times act quietly and calmly.

Do not stop to collect your personal belongings.

Avoid running – it would cause panic

The Specific arrangements must be made for people with disabilities to ensure that they are assisted during evacuation

          Anyone who is not in class when the fire alarm sounds must go immediately to the predetermined assembly point.